IQOS and NEWS on the WHARF

IQOS – a new alternative to smoking

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NEWS on the WHARF and Philip Morris Interntional have recently teamed up to provide our customers with access to IQOS, which is an alternative to smoking and the multitude of harmful  ingredients contained within cigarettes and tobacco.

Instead of lighting a cigarette, IQOS heats a small capsule (called Heets), without burning it.  This is then inhaled and provides the user with a taste of tobacco and hit of nicotine, without any of the chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.  There is also no ash.

This is a totally different approach to reduced-risk products like vaping devices or electronic cigarettes.

NEWS on the WHARF are offering IQOS devices and a bundle deal of 5 packets of Heets for a price of only £99.

Currently Heets come in three flavours – Amber, which roughly equates to full-strength Marlboro Red; Yellow, a lighter Marlboro Gold; and Turquoise, the mild menthol version.

If you’re unsure about IQOS and how it may be of benefit to you, we also have in store experts (Monday-Friday 12-6pm) who can explain the product and also give you a guided trial.

Pocket Book of figures

It’s back!! Our annual promotion for The Economist’s ‘World in…’

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Our annual exclusive promotion in conjunction with The Economist’s World in 2018 is up and running, and once again we have FREE (worth £10.99) Pocket World in Figures books to give away with each purchase of World in 2018 (for only £9.99).

The title, now in it’s third decade, predicts that 2018 will be a nerve-jangling year as people across the world attempt to escape the tensions of politics and the frenzies of technology. But the world can also look forward to an economy growing at a respectable pace and the distraction of global events including the Winter Olympics and the World Cup.

Daniel Franklin, editor of The World in 2018, said: “It will be a critical year on many fronts, including North Korea’s nuclear challenge, the Brexit negotiations, China’s economic reforms and America’s mid-term elections as well as the presidential polls in Brazil and Mexico. We will see intriguing battles for influence, ideas and leadership.”

Get your copy today from any NEWS on the WHARF stores and don’t forget your free gift.

Shop 5

Our Canada Place store wins Retailer of the Quarter award!

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We have been operating the Collect+ parcel drop-off and collection service for several years now and it’s now a key part of our offering to our customers, along with other services like UPS and Pass my Parcel.

Our Shop 5, ably managed by Nick Ward, has won the prestigious Retailer of the Quarter award which recognises customer feedback scores, volumes of parcels handled and also compliance when scanning in and scanning out.

Trading at Canary Wharf presents many daily challenges to our team but through sheer hard work and team work we always find a way to adapt and make a success of things.

Well done to Nick, and all who’ve assisted in achieving this award.

Mars & Snickers Protein Bars now available!

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If you’re committed to a New Year diet or exercise regime but just can’t resist the lure of an indulgent chocolate bar, then we may have just the answer!

Mars and Snickers protein bars are newly available in stores now, priced at £1.99 each and available from all stores.

Sure to be popular for those in training!

online shopping

Fed up with ‘sorry we missed you’ cards through your door when doing online shopping?

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UPDATE – Pass My Parcel service now also available at Jubilee Place store!

Internet shopping is amazing, at the click of a few buttons you can buy pretty much anything and have it delivered promptly, in some cases even that same day.

However, for many people who lead busy lives it’s just not possible to be home to accept the delivery, which is hugely frustrating and leads to anxious phone calls as you attempt to arrange another delivery.

At NEWS on the WHARF, we offer various parcel services that take the stress away.  Have something to return?  Do it via our stores.  Job done!

We’re open 7 days a week, 363 days a year and are always happy to help.  Shopping at your fingertips, collection only a lift ride away!

Just please don’t order a 3 piece suite or washing machine!

lotto millionaire

It’s official! Cabot Place West store has recently made someone a millionaire!

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NEWS on the WHARF, Cabot Place West are the proud recipients of this rather snazzy plaque which commemorates a recent National Lottery winning ticket being purchased in our store.

Over the years that we’ve operated National Lottery terminals in our stores, we are aware of a number of (some eye-wateringly!) BIG prizes being won, both with the Euro Millions and Lotto draws.

With almost £60 million up for grabs on Saturday 10th January, surely it’s worth £2 for the chance to win?

Good luck!