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IQOS – a new alternative to smoking

NEWS on the WHARF and Philip Morris Interntional have recently teamed up to provide our customers with access to IQOS, which is an alternative to smoking and the multitude of harmful  ingredients contained within cigarettes and tobacco.

Instead of lighting a cigarette, IQOS heats a small capsule (called Heets), without burning it.  This is then inhaled and provides the user with a taste of tobacco and hit of nicotine, without any of the chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.  There is also no ash.

This is a totally different approach to reduced-risk products like vaping devices or electronic cigarettes.

NEWS on the WHARF are offering IQOS devices and a bundle deal of 5 packets of Heets for a price of only £99.

Currently Heets come in three flavours – Amber, which roughly equates to full-strength Marlboro Red; Yellow, a lighter Marlboro Gold; and Turquoise, the mild menthol version.

If you’re unsure about IQOS and how it may be of benefit to you, we also have in store experts (Monday-Friday 12-6pm) who can explain the product and also give you a guided trial.

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